Muhammad, Raheem. “Oh, Say Can You See!?”: Secrets Kindle. Kindle Edition.


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Perfume: isn’t what it is, it’s really what it was…

Astonishingly a flower’s rarer still and just because.

Trust me your worth is more than life’s pleasures,

Reading what was sent down to us is much better.

Intricately to persuade intimacy towards just you,

Created to do more than all that we both pursue.

I am and will be what your true self must see,

Above and beyond nothingness: truth and reality…

I’ve seen a rose that has no equal,

Truly a flower that is flawless,

A star in the sky so unusual,

The dawn bow down to its brightness.

I’ve seen a butterfly unequalled,

That Picasso can’t even capture,

This diamond’s  the rarest of her people:

The sight pulls you into its rapture,

I’ve seen the light, it’s oh so bright

It’s being is so much of a blessing,

A night light seen in my spiritual flight,

Always seems to keep me guessing:

I’ve seen my Queen of paradise,

She is all the above at least,

The source of her sight feels nice,

From my rib that gives me peace.

I’ve seen in her exactly what I need,

And it hurts from my loins’ seeds

Too much in my heart as it bleeds,

Red, the flower, the unseen, I’ve seen.

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